Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Latter-day Saints are ultimately interested in truth, whatever and wherever it may be. We should not be afraid of learning new things that may contradict our previous assumptions, and we should not be overly dogmatic about things that are peripheral to the gospel message (that message being Jesus is the Christ, Joseph Smith was a true prophet, the Book of Mormon was divinely revealed, the keys of the priesthood are on the earth). In other words, have an open mind, but not a gaping one."
I read this quote and found it particularly profound. I think it is of worth to both LDS and non-LDS alike. And yes, I concede to all those who have known me; I have been wrong in my opinion on many things, but I do know what I know, and I know that God lives, is our loving heavenly Father, that Jesus Christ is the son of god, and that the fullness of the gospel (God's plan for our happiness) was restored to the earth by the Prophet Joseph Smith.... for these are not my opinions but rather true knowledge given to me by the power of the Holy Ghost (the means through which God communicates to his children)