Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Evernote: Remember Everything

Sometimes the amount of new digital tools at our fingertips can feel overwhelming. It seems to take so much time and effort to find, learn about, and register for these various online instruments. How will you know which ones will end up being useful? How will you fit it into your already complex life-habits? These are good questions and I suggest that we should search for online tools that fill needs, not create them.
This being said, I learned about Evernote in my Digital Civilization class and I can say that it has turned out to be particularly useful. So what is Evernote and what do I use it for?
Consider this brief image essay:

Ever pass a poster on campus that you would like to remember? Take a quick picture of it with you phone and upload it to Evernote. 

In fact, you can do this for almost anything that you would like to remember.
Evernote is also good for taking quick "old-fashioned" text notes.

Finally, Evernote also works great for voice notes.

I currently do not own a laptop and as such, I bounce from computer to computer. Consequently, it is incredibly useful to be able to upload personal information into "the cloud" in one location. This allows me to access it from whatever computer I happen to find myself. I hope that you have found this helpful!