Monday, September 27, 2010

Online Security is Password Security

With the many sites, services, online social networks, etc. all requiring its users to sign up with a user name and password, one must be cautious and use proper password security practices.

If you are like me, this Digital Civilization Class has lead me to open numerous new accounts with various sites. I thus thought is appropriate to share the following:

Each one of us has both increasing and an increasingly important amount personal information on the web. As we know, opposition must exist in all things and with many new and good opportunities provided by the internet also comes many new and bad opportunities for unwanted digital bandits to steal our personal information. Therefore, I encourage all of you to research proper online security practices. Please do not think that it could never happen to you. A hacked Facebook account is one thing but having your online banking or e-mail accounts compromised could cause you a great deal of trouble and grief. Here are two great places to try reading about password security:

-Google suggests some tips on password security

-A great blog post on password security