Thursday, November 11, 2010

Peer Blog Review of "Synthesis" by Alex Gunnarson

As part of a class assignment, I recently reviewed the blog of Alex Gunnarson. It is never easy to critique the work of your peers, so it is with great humility that I share my assessment of his blog, titled Snythesis.

One of the strengths of Alex's blog is that it is visually appealing. In addition to its attractive color coordination, Alex's blog is clean and not overly busy. His posts are easy to read because they are stylistically well organized. He has shown much improvement in this area since the begging of his blogging i.e. his first posts were very text heavy with no images. Alex also does a good job using various blog post types, I particularly enjoyed his rant about user interfaces and the quote/response format he uses in critiquing Freud. For these, and other reasons, Alex is doing a good job at creating valuable content in his blog.

This being said, It is difficult to extend my review of Alex's blog much beyond this because of the overall incompleteness of it e.g. I think there are only three posts since the last mid-term evaluation. When Alex does blog on a topic, it is interesting, insightful and he legitimately demonstrates an understanding of both the historical content and the computing concepts.  I also feel that he does a great job of conveying his personality in his posts. However, there is just a great deal missing in regards to historical content and computing concepts. I hope that Alex will be able to catch up and let us all benefit from reading more of what he has to say.