Saturday, October 30, 2010

Microblogging via Twitter

The purpose of this blog post is two fold. On one hand, I hope to help others understand what microblogging is and why it is important while on the other, convince them to start using Twitter as a means to start microblogging (if they are not already). Therefore, if are a determined Luddite still resistant to using Twitter, then I suggest you do not read this post. It will convince you.

What is microblogging? Simply put, is a broadcast/publishing  medium in the form of blogging but much smaller in size and aggregate file size. Microblogging can consist of anything from a thought, a quote, a sentence, a link, a sentence fragment or an image.

So why is microblogging important? Watch this:


Simply put, microblogging is an effective means of consuming, creating, and connecting.

Alright, so now for some convincing:

The social media phenomenon is still in its infancy. We have yet to fully realize the effects that it will have on human sociality, bussiness, and politics. Throughout history, those who jump on the wagon of technological change early, usually left those who stayed resistant far behind. History has provided us with countless examples of this and no doubt, it will provide countless more. Social media is in the process (if it is not already) of becoming one of those examples and microblogging is an integral part of social media.

Just yesterday, I got in the Facebook status vs. Twitter debate for about the one hundredth-time. Most people do not seem to see why Twitter is important when you can just use a Facebook Status. I am not arguing that Twitter should replace Facebook statuses. They are different and they are both important. If you still think that a Facebook status will effectively fill  your microblogging need without using Twitter, then please consider these two articles:

13 Reasons why Twitter is better than Facebook

5 Reasons to Ditch Facebook and Use Twitter Instead

So if I have convinced you to get a Twitter and start microblogging then go to right now, sign up and start following me @jeffreywhitlock

Looking forward to seeing you tweet!