Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Run and Tell That: Blog Post Nominations

First, I  have to say that it was both enlightening and frustrating sampling dozens of my peers blog posts in an effort to nominate a select few. It was enlightening because of the quality and variety of the content in the many blogs, yet also frustrating because of the quality and variety i.e. it was difficult to choose which ones to nominate. Well after much deliberation, the following blogs/blog posts have been selected by yours truly:
1) Historical Content: Jake Corkin's post, "Keynes: the Great Debate" demonstrates Jake's interest, passion, and sound understanding of the historical concept of 20th century economics. Jake does a great job of succinctly elucidating the principles he introduces and then proceeds to make them relevant to current events.

2) Computing Content: Ariel Szuch's post about digital culture is articulate and interesting. Ariel does a great job of applying an interesting concept we learned about in class and applying to digital culture. This post is interesting and relevant to everyone. Another thing that makes this post (and frankly all of Ariel's posts) so great is that she is a good writing--employing a good mix of both conversational and eloquent prose.

3) Self-Directed Learning: I am nominating two entire blogs for this category: First, Kristen Nicole Cardon is probably the best in the class in using her blog to connect with others. One need to simply read posts like this to recognize the extent to which she has connected her academic interests with the interests of others. Second, Andrew Dewitt has done a great job using digital tools to create quality content for his blog and for the class as a whole i.e. the image for our event.

Let me just reiterate that I am extremely impressed with the overall quality of all the blogs that I read today; I nominated these but it could very well have been others. My hat goes off to all of you...