Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Changing Direction

For our final presentation, our group has decided to change directions a bit...While our group is still working towards starting a Microfinance Club at BYU--and have done much towards this end--we decided that changing the direction and content of our presentation would be more marketable and relevant for our final event. Therefore, instead of presenting on microfinance, we are going to present on how to upgrade campus clubs' and other small groups' e.g. Elders Quorums, Relief Societies, etc., operations and organizations to the digital age. What should a club in today's digital revolution do and be? 

Come Thursday at 7PM in 3108 JKB (Jesse Knight Building at BYU) or tune in to to watch the event live (read here to find out how). I hope to see you all there--in person or over the net!