Sunday, February 13, 2011

Suns, Cougars, and Cinderella

There are good weekends and then there are great weekends. This weekend was a great weekend.
On Friday night I was able to go see the Suns beat the Jazz in the Energy Solutions Arena. It was my first time attending a sporting event in which I was cheering for the opposing team. It was a lot of fun being able to stand up and make a raucous cheering for the suns in the midst of a sea of Jazz fans.

On Saturday, I was right at home with the fans as I cheered on the Cougars in the Marriott Center against Utah. On that note, I want to add an aside in response to something I experienced the game:

I’ll be the first to admit that I was a bit disappointed with Jimmer's performance against Utah. That being said, I was pretty disappointed to hear some of the comments and reactions from the fans...“Pull Jimmer out!” “He’s playing terrible!” "What's he doing!?" were among some of the responses I heard. There was just an odd air in the arena--it was as if you could just sense everybody’s frustration with his performance. 

This is not how it should be. True fans are supposed to be supportive even when their player is having an off night. Even the best athletes in the world have days where they are just off. Jimmer is a great player, perhaps one of the best in NCAA Basketball, but let’s not set unrealistic expectations. After all, most players would be more pleased with a 23 point performance…

So back to my weekend:

After the game, I saw my first my Ballet--Cinderella. I have to admit that it is not exactly my cup of tee. But I must say I was glad to have experienced it; perhaps it is even something that I could even gain an appreciation for. At least I have a great respect for those who do it. It does not look easy at all. 

Well those are the highlights of my weekend, I hope that you enjoyed reading about it!