Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Beginnings: 2011

I realize that this post is perhaps a month or so late in coming but I am of the opinion that somethings are better late than never. So here is a brief description of what's going on in my life this year:
  • I am still working at the Missionary Training Center doing a lot with My job basically consists of answering inquiries about the LDS Church's beliefs. I really enjoy the work. It has helped me learn a lot about my own faith, as well as other faiths. That being said, I think the best part about the job is that it has helped me grow in my capacity to engage in respectful, mutually beneficial religious dialogue.
  • In addition to working at the MTC, I am interning for a new firm called Fairbourne Consulting. It is a Social Entrepreneurial consulting firm that focuses on consulting organizations to help them be sustainable while having a social impact. We also advocate market based solutions to world problems.
  • I am studying to take the LSAT in June. This is a lot to try to fit in between work, my internship, and school but I have been finding time and I consider it to be of utmost importance. 
So that is basically a rundown of the main things going on this year. It is going be both a very challenging and exciting year...