Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend Shenanigans at the Y

Whoever thought that staying in Provo to study the LSAT would have been this much fun? I apologize to all my friends and family down in Arizona but I have to say that staying here was the right decision.

This past week is certainly worthy of a blog post. Perhaps one of the best...ever. I am not really sure how to organize all I want to say about this week so I guess I'll try bullets:
  • On Tuesday, I had the bitter, sweet experience of spending time with Caitie Graves to say goodbye before she leaves Provo and then, for her mission. We had a great evening eating at our new favorite restaurant, Rancheritos, and hiking "the Y." I am greatful for Caitie and the great friend that she has been to me all these years. I wish her the very best on her mission! 
  • On Thursday, I re-realized (yes, I know that that is not a word) how much simple gestures of friendship can mean. I woke up one morning to find a note on my car window from a friend and it made my day!
  • I am thrilled to be getting back into songwriting. For whatever reason, it took me so long after my mission to start writing songs again but finally, I am getting back into it.
  • Human slingshots, kissing rugby, slap Disney, bond fires, jamming, birthday, parties, racing plastic cups in streams, and spending time with friends basically made this weekend one of the best that I have ever had at BYU.
On a completely different note, I think that I am going to change my blog title. At first I sort of liked it but it's a bit to--bland. I mean don't get me wrong, It's a Wonderful Life is one of my favorite movies of all time and life is pretty wonderful but I just feel like I need something that doesn't convey me=James Stewart. So...I am open to suggestions. 

Speaking of blogs, I came to the realization that females seem to have a monopoly on the personal blog market. In am not really sure why that is. Is it because it is way easier to make a blog look "cute" than it is to make it look "cool?" 

In any case, this is a call to all you men out there: pick up the blogging...