Sunday, June 5, 2011

Arizona: There and Back Again

Before I completely recover from the post home-visit doldrums, I think I better blog about it...
For memorial day weekend, I road tripped it down to Arizona for a quick visit. The timing was both good and bad because I left Utah as my brother Thomas passed through it but I also visited at the same time as some of my family from Vegas--they are awesome.

Friday night, my sisters and I went camping. It was quite the adventure trying to get to our camping spot because the place that we had originally intended to go was closed. So after about a half an hour of screaming girls, getting spooked by little kids that appeared out of nowhere, and directions from some of the locals, we found ourselves a nice little campsite nestled in an enclave of trees. 

In the morning we woke and found one of the most beutiful and pristine water holes that I have ever been to in Arizona. Clear water, fish, cliffs to jump, and a nice sandy beach...

On Monday, I went shooting with my Dad, Grandpa and Uncle. I am not a big "gun" guy but I enjoy target shooting on occasion and appreciate the time to do "manly" things with my Dad, Grandpa, and Uncle Mike. Doing stuff like that always brings the best bonding moments.

Moving away from the sentimental to the sensational... If you look at this photo here, you'll see how awesome/crazy my uncle is. Yes... that is a diamond back rattler he is holding in his hands. And yes it is alive. We found it, scared it out of its hole, took some pictures, and let it go unharmed. It was quite the rush though I opted out of the whole holding a dangerous poisonous snake thing. I can remember a time in my life when I would have done that in a heart beat but this time, I was content to merely observe.