Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Way things Were

Since returning home from my mission, there was a song in me that needed to be written. It took me almost two years to finally get it all down. It's not perfect but I like it. It is a song about growing up and the nostalgia that is usually associated with returning to once familiar and beloved places after a long absence. Since I am "back in town again" this weekend, I thought it appropriate to share...

The Way things Were

Back in town again, these memories keep flooding in 
Of times with my old friends
Driving past these same old scenes, wondering what all this means
So much has changed since I was 18

Then I start thinking about yesterday when all my cares just seemed so far away
It's hard to believes those days are gone
Life was so spontaneous, free of cares and all this stress
Sometimes I wish I could just go back...
To the way things were

It's not so much that people change or that once close friends are now estranged
But it's just not the same
As I sit right here with my old friends nostalgia starts setting in 
Lost in time, reminiscing  

Then we start thinking about yesterday when all our cares just seemed so far away. 
It's hard to believe those days are gone. 
We used to talk about anything our lives have gone by as a dream. 
Sometimes I wish we could go to back...
To the way things were

Back in town again these memories are flooding in...

And I say thank you to yesterday when all my cares seemed so far away
It’s still hard to believe that those days are gone
Here’s to the best of times left ahead, epic chapters still unread
Right now I’m staring at the sun 
And I am now