Friday, December 24, 2010

Dear Google, Please Don't Become the Next Microsoft

I will candidly confess that I love Google. I love Gmail, Google Reader, Google Calendar, the works.... I use almost every service that Google has to offer. I love Google because, for the most part, their products are innovative, intuitive, and they run well.

However, recently I have noticed numerous, annoying little defects in their products that seem like they should be simple fixes to make their service better but there is no way to provide feedback/suggestions to help Google make these changes. In many cases, these issues have taken months to resolve--if ever.

Therefore, this is my plead and my warning to Google. Please do not make the mistake of becoming like Microsoft by thinking that you are to big to fall and shutting your customers and their feedback--thus losing the innovative edge.

My suggestion to you is to use all that creativity and brain power that you've got to find a more effective and intuitive way to incorporate crowd-sourcing and customer feedback into your companies operations and product development i.e. an open-source like model. Do this and you will stay #1 for a long time coming; fail to do this and you will be then next Microsoft .